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Agent and Lender Information

Carrera Corp. is not an insurance company or representative in any fashion, but is a data processing firm. Although our software produces insurance policies, we have no involvement beyond production, and no premiums are paid to us. Instead, we provide data analysis and production services to agencies desiring loan monitoring outside the scope of normal collateral protection operations. The advantages to the agency and the lender are increased control of the data, faster turn-around, better response, and dramatically lower costs than a service bureau.

We have an excellent relationship with a leading national underwriter, and have successfully had business placed with them many times. Carrera Corp. can work with other underwriters too, and will accomodate the requirements of your situation within reasonable boundaries.

Lenders, Carrera Corp. can help you organize and streamline your collateral protection activities. We can put you in touch with an agency that specializes in lender protection services, very likely in your area. In some cases, agency personnel can "outsource" your entire collateral protection effort. Because of the low overhead of SIS, our agencies frequently offer dramatically lower rates than competing insurers can provide. Please call today for more information!

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