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SIS Architecture and Modules

SIS Architecture

Carrera Corp. is the hub of a series of computers running SIS. Each computer has a complete set of data for the lending institution(s) it serves. Remote computers may run either stand-alone or on a network. Carrera's network holds the master database and contains all records held by each remote computer.

SIS generates a set of transfer files so data replication can be accomplished through a variety of means. Data replication is based on the "loose synchronization" model, and requires a regular bi-directional transfer of data to keep the databases identical. Consequently, the remote computer almost always has the most current information. Each SIS module can generate and/or apply these files. The preferred method of file transfer is via high-speed modem on a standard telephone connection. MS-DOS diskette transfers are possible but introduce many opportunities for failure. Internet transfers are planned but not currently available.

SIS Modules

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